Port Arthur


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Port Arthur stands at the crossroads between folk and jazz, between the earth and the sea, between matter and mind. Port Arthur’s foundation is the music of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Luke Shefski, in extraordinary collaboration with a most remarkable ensemble of seasoned musicians. They take inspiration from the untamed energy that simmers just below the surface of the ocean, and from the darkest, wildest corners of the forests of Pennsylvania.

luke grape medly

Port Arthur’s debut full-length album, “Everything’s Incredible,” relates stories about the challenging journey into adulthood, and the crises of the heart and body that invariably share the journey. Hailed as “amazing” by Radio Static Philly, “Everything’s Incredible” is the culmination of years of writing, arranging, and performance. It is a sonic treasure of an album, engineered and co-produced by Doug Raus as one of the final projects from Brighton Sound Studio.

If you’d like to book us for your party, show, festival, poetry slam, birthday, wedding, funeral, etc., just email portarthurofficial@gmail.com. We don’t bite!

Header image © Joe Shefski 2015

Photo © Margot Gatenby 2015